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Spedagi Bike

Spedagi Bamboo Bike was developed since early 2013 with the aim of finding the right type of bamboo and a strong, comfortable and aesthetic bike frame design. Eventually, Giant Bamboo (Dendrocalamus asper) was selected as it is one of the strongest types of bamboo that also abundantly available in the village. Besides strong, this large diameter and thick wall bamboo makes it possible to create frame tubes with a uniform size. The frame tube design was inspired by the “bilah-tangkup” construction of the bamboo rafters (usuk bambu) in a traditional roof truss, which increase the stiffness of the bamboo. These bamboo rods were then assembled into a bike frame using particular metal joints (lugs) as the connector. The whole production process was done by local people. The combination of oval cross-section of the bamboo rod and the metal lugs produces a distinctive, beautiful, yet strong and ergonomic frame design. Our bamboo bike has passed the road test from Jakarta to Madiun (750 km), carrying a total load of 90 kg, without any damage.

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