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Spedagi Bamboo Bike is produced by Magno Workshop in Kandangan village, Temanggung, Central Java. Magno craftsmen are well-trained to produce products with high quality craftsmanship, which is good for manufacturing Spedagi Bamboo Bikes. The process starts from harvesting the mature Giant Bamboos (Dendrocalamus asper) at the right time. These bamboos were cut and split according to a specified size, then be preserved and dried using an oven. Subsequently, they were shaped into frame tubes and assembled with metal joints (lugs) using epoxy resin adhesive. The joint components (lugs) were made of metal materials by local craftsmen. The last process are finishing and coating. Besides the aesthetic purposes, coating helps to protect the bamboo from water or other substances that could damage it. All of the process requires accuracy and precision. It takes at least 60 working hours to produce one frame of Spedagi Bamboo Bike.

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