Rodacilik is a minivelo-type bike – an adult bike with 20” tires. The use of small size tires in an adult bike creates a unique proportion of the frame. Rodacilik uses Spedagi Pringtelulas 0.1 frame, which is the adaptation of Pringrolas 0.1 frame. It has a much longer head-tube than other types of Spedagi bamboo bikes. This bike uses a 46 T single chainring crank with 7 speed level on the rear gear, comfortable and agile enough to surf the busy traffic or even go through small streets in urban areas. Moreover, the small wheels make it light enough when riding through an uphill road. Rodacilik uses a rigid fork with long steer-tube and flat handlebar. For safety reason, it is equipped with a disc brake on the rear wheels and V-brake on the front wheel. Although the design is different, Pringtelulas 0.1 frame has the same characteristics with other types of Spedagi frame.





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