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Spedagi Dwiguna (dual track) uses Pringsewelas 0.2 frame which is designed for both off- and on- the road track. The frame combines the characters of a mountain bike (MTB) and a road bike (city-bike). The use of suspension fork will bring up the character of MTB, while the rigid fork will bring up the character of city bikes that are compact and simple. The small (S) frame is designed for 24” tires, while the medium (M) and large (L) frame are designed for 26”, 27.5” or 700C tires. For the safety and comfort of braking, a disc brake is installed on both front and back wheels. This dual-track bike is designed without a front derailleur (FD), which results in a compact and simple look. The combination of 46 T single chainring crank and 9-speed Shimano Megarange on the rear gear makes it comfortable for speeding on the road, yet light enough to climb an uphill road. It is available in 3 different sizes (S/M/L) and 2 color options (black/white).


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