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Our Team

The Spedagi Team is a multi-generation team with a passion for village empowerment. Singgih Kartono –founder– is a village man who decided to come back and work in the village after finishing his degree in the city. His design talent, which honed by experience and global insight and combined with his rustic ideology, has spawned global works. A good design, with deep philosophy, would be valuable when translated into a high-quality product. Our bamboo bike production is managed by Tri Wahyuni – co-founder Spedagi. She leads Magno Production Team with her patience, firmness and gentleness so that it is able to produce a high-quality village product. As a future-oriented organization, Spedagi prepares its regeneration as early as possible. The Marketing and Business Development of Spedagi are being entrusted to Ara Kusuma (19), a fresh graduate majoring in Management with Marketing who is cheerful and eager to learn something new and challenging. Spedagi also involves a self-learner, Elan Jihad (13), who is responsible to handle the information technology of Spedagi. The website is now managed by our new member, Wening Lastri

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