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Spedagi Movement

Living in small communities where needs can be fulfilled from local sources is a way of life in accordance with the principles of sustainable living. It gives the opportunity to achieve a high quality of life in physical, social and spiritual aspects. Moreover, the proximity to get the resources will minimize the level of carbon emissions. We do not need to create a new small community, since there are so many small communities around us, which was commonly known as “village”. We just need to revitalize it. Indonesia, as well as most countries in the world, basically is a Village Country (a country that consists of villages). Spedagi believes that village is the true future of the world, but still lagged behind in the past. Spedagi, with its Village Revitalization movement, wants to bring us together to help the village grows. Spedagi Bamboo Bike is “magnet” & icon, as well as the metaphor, of Village Revitalization itself: it was born from something that has been forgotten.

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