An average road with a flat surface would be well-enjoyed using a slim, light-weight bicycle like Spedagi Dalanrata (road bike) that uses Spedagi Pringrolas 0.1 frame – characterized by a flat top bar design and a low position of the upper end of the seat-stay, making the seat-tube joint the most exotic part of this frame. The oval cross-section of the bamboo rod (positioned horizontally) makes this frame looks slim while reducing the flex character of bamboo. The micro suspension effect of bamboo materials still can be enjoyed when using small-sized tires and high pressure. This frame is designed for a road bike with 700c tires. The large diameter makes it feels fast at each pedal stroke on a flat road in a long journey, yet light on the urban track. The combination of 46 T single chainring crank and 9 speed level on the rear gear makes it looks “clean” and simple, yet comfortable for either flat or uphill road. This road bike is equipped with a disc brake on the front and back wheels for the safety and comfort of braking when speeding.



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