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Singgih S Kartono was born in Kandangan Village. Two years after graduated from a university in Bandung, he returned to the village. His concern for the village and his belief in the importance of the role of the village in the future encouraged him to work there. Singgih is also known as the creator of Magno – an Indonesian wooden radio and stationary that is recognized worldwide. It was born out of Singgih’s concern about the Indonesian craft at that time. As one of the world’s major timber producer, Indonesia did not have a new wood creation that became world’s design icon. He never designed a product solely because of the market demand; it is more of social and environmental issues that triggered him to develop a product. Uniquely, the products that he created have similar characters: radio and bicycle are mature products. Both are perfect because of their imperfection: radio has no image while bicycle has no engine, but that is what makes them more meaningful. Spedagi Bamboo Bike marks a shift in Singgih’s work; it is not just a transportation product, but also a ‘vehicle’ and icon of a Village Revitalization movement.

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