Bamboo Bikes

Bamboo as a bike frame is not something new; it has been produced since early development of bicycle in the 19th century. Nevertheless, along with the industrial development, metal material was becoming more popular because of its durability and ease of reproduction. When the green movement emerged in society, bamboo material began to be considered again for bike manufactures. Bamboo offers a great combination of stiffness (for power efficiency) and compliance (for vibration dampening), which is really suitable for bike frame. The major finding of the new era of bamboo bike manufacturing is the use of natural fiber material as well as carbon fiber and resin adhesive for the connection between bamboo rods on a bike frame. Bamboos, which have various diameters, can be assembled perfectly, producing a beautiful frame. The flexural properties on bamboos can be minimized by proper design of the frame structure. With a good treatment and coating, bamboo bikes can be used as a bike in general.

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