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Spedagi comes from the words ‘sepeda pagi’, a morning cycling exercise around the village, initially done by Singgih S Kartono to lower his cholesterol rate. This activity, as well as his background on product design, has increased his interest in bicycle design. He was amazed by Craig Calfee’s bamboo bicycle from USA, which was not only made of bamboo, but also has a good design and is well-crafted. This bike has inspired Singgih to develop a new design of bamboo bicycle, since Indonesia has plenty of bamboos and handicraft production method is his specialization. The design development was started in the early 2013, while the production began at the end of the year 2014 along with a continuous improvement on technical design and system. Spedagi Bamboo Bike is not just a manifestation of a village (local)-resources based product, but also a starting point of Spedagi’s Village Revitalization movement, which aims to empower villages as a sustainable and self-sufficient community.

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